Disability History

A financial set back in 1980

As with similar charities Longfields relied heavily on public support.  Fundraising activities and the backing of community groups played a significant part towards the success of the Association.  The support from these sources was demonstrated as the Chairman’s Report of 1980 revealed. Over the years, the Association had dealt with different setbacks but there was… Continue reading A financial set back in 1980

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Association Year Books

As with similar organisations Longfields produced a series of Year Books and between 1959 and 1999 there were a total of  twenty-nine books printed.  The Year Books are a valuable resource when researching the history of the organisation as they give an insight into the day to day life of the organisation, the issues they faced and… Continue reading Association Year Books

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Inspiring Individuals

While researching the history of Longfields I have discovered many links that were made between organisations, particularly during the early days of the Association.   Groups shared their knowledge and the different experiences they had in setting up their organisations. One of the groups that Longfields worked with was West Midlands Spastic Association.  This group started… Continue reading Inspiring Individuals

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Why did Longfields start?

Towards the end of the Second World War there was significant legislative change and one of the reforms to emerge focused on education.  The 1944 Education Act aimed to give equality of opportunity to all children, providing a structure for free education for children from nursery level upwards.  Responsibility for providing education lay with local… Continue reading Why did Longfields start?